Made entirely from cardboard, Kids Imagination Furniture
fosters creativity in a way that's fun, functional, and eco-friendly. 
This desk and chair set is a perfect art station,
playroom furniture set, and creative craft activity.

Cardboard Furniture

Kids Imagination Furniture

To kids, cardboard is a magic material that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. It fosters a sense of exploration that expands their minds and encourages creative thinking. Kids Imagination Furniture captures this sense of wonder and creativity in a way that's fun, functional, and eco-friendly. 


Parents and kids everywhere are loving Kids Imagination Furniture!
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The Cardboard Guys @ P.S. Arts Express Yourself 2015

November 21, 2015

Our last event was a whirlwind! We ventured down to Santa Monica, CA for the annual P.S. Arts Express Yourself charity event and donated many Kids Imagination Furniture sets to the cause. P.S. Arts is an amazing organization that's dedicated to providing arts education to underserved public schools and communities. The event itself took place in a giant airport hanger that was made to feel like a colorful playground of imagination. Every station held inventive arts & crafts activities and local restaurants gathered to sample their best dishes. We were thrilled to partner up with them for this incredible event. We started off the weekend by building a record amount of Kids Imagination Furniture. Needless to say, we decided to...

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A Cardboard-Filled Halloween

November 03, 2015

What's the greatest amount of trick-or-treaters you've ever seen in one night? Maybe a couple hundred kids? Well, last Thursday, The Cardboard Guys tested the limits. Last Thursday, we were given the opportunity to participate in Downtown SLO's annual trick-or-treating festivities... it was spooktacular! We ran through nearly 1,000 pieces of candy in just two hours. Needless to say, we saw our fair share of Minions, Captain Americas and Rainbow Pony Princesses. We painted a jack-o-lantern-themed Kids Imagination Desk (which we gave away in a raffle) and even Cardboard Corey dressed up as a hippie for the occasion.  Of course, Cardboard Man was also out in full force. He made quite a few little cardboard-costumed friends. This transformer was definitely in the running for...

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